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Wigilia Klasy I „b”
Dnia 17 grudnia 2012 roku klasa I „b” nieco „wyprzedziła” tradycję i zorganizowała własną „kolację” wigilijną. Choć zaczęła się o ósmej rano i troszkę odbiegała od oryginału, przebiegła w ciepłej atmosferze; były tradycyjne potrawy (wyśmienite pierogi, uszka, rolmopsy, sałatki i ciasta!), opłatek, świąteczne piosenki, no i prezenty…, będące wynikiem wcześniejszego losowania! Wszyscy byli zadowoleni, upominki przypadły do gustu, a i kadra szkoły skorzystała z przygotowanych smakołyków. Jako wychowawca klasy mam nadzieję, że to nie ostatnie takie spotkanie. Że zawsze możemy się zjednoczyć. Że może być miło bez względu na nadchodzący „koniec świata”. Jesteśmy zespołem i jako zespół życzymy wszystkim WESOŁYCH ŚWIĄT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prawdziwa dobroć
to dawanie siebie,
każdego dnia, od nowa...
Bez zapłaty,
bez faktury,
bez procentu...
Po prostu...z serca.
Za darmo.
Bez oczekiwań na wzajemność,
bez dawania tylko w rewanżu…
Bo choć myślisz,
że nie masz czym się podzielić,
to masz przecież serce…
Dobre serce i płynące z niego
dobre słowo, i czas,
który zawsze możesz znaleźć,
jeśli sercem tym
zechcesz się podzielić.

Wigilia Klasowa I b

#1 | Haitang dnia styczeń 29 2013 06:58:25
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#2 | wentiont1976 dnia luty 02 2013 10:35:31
' 'Fashionista Bride' Episode In this week's episode of "My Fair Wedding" viewers are invited to the wedding of Folshi and Kory. Bride-to-be Folshi is a "fashionista" and wants her wedding to be as beautiful as a runway show. The happy couple lives in Hawthorne, California and started dating in high school but they first laid eyes on each other in junior high. In her own words, Folshi says she can be a "snotty brat" but loves Kory because he's genuine even when she acts like that brat. To make her wedding perfect she wants David Tutera to help her out. Folshi tells David that she wants a "girly girl" wedding with lots of pastel colors, lots of candy and other sweets christian louboutin not realize that wearing high heels at home will affect , girls bridesmaid dresses and plenty of extravagance for her big day. She shows David the tatoo of a hanger she wears on her wrist to prove that she loves fashion. David takes all of this in and asks to see the gowns the bridesmaids will be wearing. These dresses are mid-night blue and very long. The bridesmaids tell David that it feels like they're going to a funeral instead of a wedding. Everyone knows these dresses will have to go. Then Folshi shows David her wedding dress. She comes in wearing an outstandingly beautiful gown that is simply amazing. And as well it should be; it's a Vera Wang dress evening dresses . David, in a first for "My Fair Wedding," has no intention of changing the wedding dress or the shoes for that matter which are also a designer pair. When Folshi tells him that she's way over budge he knows it's because the dress and the shoes is where the money was spent. The bride's venue is the Long Beach Museum of Art but even the bride isn't too happy with it since the museum will be open and there could be a lot of strangers at her wedding. David will be changing the venue to the AT Center where the wedding will take over two floors. One floor for the ceremony and the floor above will have the meal and dancing. Making it all perfect is the outstanding view of Los Angeles that every window has. The bridesmaid's new dresses were designed by three new designers. Each designer made two dresses and Folshi decided which of the three dresses she wants to consider for the dress her friends will be wearing. After seeing a runway fashion show of the three dresses she tells David which dress she likes the best but it's David's choice, only to be seen right before the wedding. Then Folshi decides what the tables will look like along with the chairs. Folshi is crying because she's so "overwhelmed with emotion." The Wedding Day finally arrives and all the bridesmaids and the bride have their hair and mak up done. They all look beautiful. Josh, the bridesman, looks very handsome in his suit too. After Folshi and Kory become man and wife David shows them the floor where they will be eating and then shows them where everyone will be dancing. Everything is spectacular and the dance floor has lights under it so everything will be flashing as the guests shake their stuff. At the end of "My Fair Wedding" the couple toasts everyone and thanks them for coming. They also thank David for giving them the wedding of their dreams. As she cries Folshi says "I'm so blessed. I'm so thankful."
#3 | wentiont1976 dnia luty 02 2013 10:35:58
' Why women are dressing like the UK's future queen STORY HIGHLIGHTS Women in London and New York emulating Kate Middleton's styleBritain's future queen is known for her accessible mix of designer and chain store fashionIssa; Reiss; Topshop all benefited from Kate wearing their clothesKate's "elegant, timeless" style resonating with Americans London, England (CNN) -- An ordinary English girl in an extraordinary situation is prompting stylish women in London, New York and even further afield to emulate her relaxed, smart way of dressing. It's known as the "Kate Middleton effect." The sapphire-colored Issa dress she wore at the announcement of her engagement to Prince William, heir to the UK throne; the white Reiss dress she wore in the engagement photos; and a simple monochrome Topshop dress she was papped in on her 25th birthday all sold out after she was seen wearing them. It would seem that when Prince William's elegant bride-to-be wears something, women want to emulate her. So, it's not surprising that all eyes were on what Kate was wearing Thursday as the couple marked their first official joint engagement in Anglesey in Wales. Or Friday when they returned to alma mater, St. Andrew's University in Scotland, where they met. Prince William and Kate launch a lifeboat in first official engagement In Anglesey, Kate flew the flag for British clothing, wearing a pheasant feather hat by Vivien Sheriff and fashionable boots from upscale UK chain store Russell and Bromley. It's this mix of designer and chain store clothing that makes Kate's style seem accessible and easier than most to imitate. Such is the demand for her look that her designer $600 blue Issa dress sold out from British stores hours after she was photographed in it. And so did a bargain $25 copy of the dress sold online by UK supermarket Tesco. Daniella Helayel, the Brazilian founder of Issa says the "Kate effect" has boosted her business unbelievably. "Not just the dress -- everything (sold out). It was amazing," she said at London Fashion Week. The phenomenon is not just confined to the UK capital. It's being felt in New York too. Kate Middleton: A very English style icon Bloomingdale's fashion director, Stephanie Solomon, says that Kate's ladylike but youthful style resonates with New York customers at the moment. Kate "really epitomizes in some respects the all-American girl, that's sporty, outdoorsy, fresh-faced, with shiny hair, pretty dresses, comfortable footwear," she said. So strong is the trend, hazards Solomon, christian louboutin boots comfortable feelings that if Kate were to wear a dress stocked at one of Bloomingdale's North American department stores, it was sell out within hours. That's exactly what happened with the Reiss "Nannette" dress. stores. Back to where it all began: Royal couple returns to St. Andrews It's not just that women want to look like the girl who got Prince Charming, according to Reiss's Brand Director mermaid wedding dresses , Andy Rogers. "American girls like a clean look, with glossy hair," like Kate's he said, adding that Kate's manageably chic style was bound to chime with them. Marco agrees: "She has an elegance and timeless style about her that the Americans admire. "But in general, this is what we all do, this is the real world, real people dress that way." Stylish women all over the world will no doubt be keeping their eyes peeled for versions of what Kate has worn this week; shops had better prepare themselves for a stampede a line wedding dresses .
#4 | wentiont1976 dnia luty 02 2013 10:36:31
2010 Bridesmaid Dress 2010 is such a heaven for bridesmaids to boost their styles on trends. The dress styles are still feminine and elegant. The color palette is rich in lovely soft shades. And here come some feast-eyes bridesmaid looks this summer. A-line dress is still the optimal choice as it is almost universally flattering. The forgiving cut of A-line skirt will hide a multitude of sins that a tighter skirt would reveal Christian Louboutin Shoes Blog Archive Christian Louboutins shoes miniskirt . This styled dress enables slim women use more shoe and the busty gals balance out their top half. Tall or short, thin or heavy, it doesn' t matter. A bridesmaid dress in a fabric that has a crisp hand enough to hold the shape of the A-line skirt is mostly chosen and the choices are available among You can choose taffeta, satin, faille for winter wedding and organza, chiffon for summertime. As to the neckline, strapless is still the staple choice for summer bridesmaids in 2010. It is great to show off the arms and collar bone and highlight the upper look. As well, halter neckline is a great option to release a huge relief for bridesmaids who can' t stand wearing a strapless one as it can accommodate a convertible bra. In addition designer wedding dresses , trendy bridesmaids this summer are also seen wearing pretty dresses with other necklines like vogue one shoulder dresses or uniquely draped cowl necks, which are really on the trend this year. Spaghetti straps are also opted for a light and summery look. A polished cotton bridesmaid dress is really the highlight in a casual wedding this year. And the fashion trend goes to soft and flowing fabrics instead of shiny stiff fabrics like satin this summer. Dresses made of chiffon, organza, tulle, bobinette are viewed feminine and beautiful for summertime nuptial. Think of that a cotton dress can be dressy enough to compliment the wedding appearance and thus the ease of a natural styled dress is sure to be the followed trend in 2010' s summer. It is even more exciting to reveal the color palette of 2010 bridesmaid dresses. Bright color choices can be turquoise or coral. And nothing can be comparable with these cheery hues to make a fresh and festive appearance in micro pleated chiffon dresses with spaghetti straps. To complete such a look, simple yet elegant bridesmaid jewelry sets and strappy sandals in a neutral color are the best bet. Deep colors like rich plum, navy or classic black are also unexpected in vogue this summer. The rich plum is refined and graceful in a strapless gathered chiffon styled dress. And navy, black, charcoal are just the shades for abundant bridesmaid dresses this year. Pay attention to the ornaments while dark colors are chosen for bridesmaid dresses. Get expressive with bridesmaid jewelry sets and layered necklaces are a chic finishing touch for strapless look 2010. The color trend also goes to the other end of the spectrum-Very pale neutral tones for bridesmaid dresses are popular to give an ethereal feel in wispy tulle, organza or chiffon. Blush, cashmere and ivory make a hit this year. Designers also introduce some darker colors to lend such dress more visual impact. The almost white gowns that just set a different mood are such an enchanting touch to complete a gracious wedding in 2010. To sum up, trendy bridal party dresses are composed of always the most natural yet sophisticated fashion elements like natural materials, chic colors and the most flattering styles. That is a lot to ask from a dress. No w. Top 5 Fabrics Used for Bridesmaid Dresses Finally you find your dream dress and like most brides, perhaps you are looking around for bridesmaid dresses to glam up your bridal party. When facing thousands of pretty dress choices, Christian Louboutin Boots Give You Big Surprise you are probably going to be confused. However, if you understand th. Peach Bridesmaid Dresses-Top Picks in 2011 Spring Peach bridesmaid dresses form a big tendency on current fashion stage. To retain temperately stunning and beautiful, bridesmaid dresses stay in mostly an understated way but their color choices are definitely a big role in enhancing the jubilant aura on y. Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses Everyone Will Love Whether you choose a small, intimate wedding or opt for a larger wedding party, how can a bride please each and every bridesmaid? Luckily, designers now pay more attention to bridesmaid dress styles, creating looks that veer away from a gaudy prom dress a. Bridesmaid Dresses 2011: What Style You Want Once you decide your wedding date, there are lots of things you need to think of carefully like wedding venue, centerpiece, reception, wedding dresses, foods, wedding favor, bridesmaid dresses and so on. When you are considering what style of dresses brid.
#5 | wentiont1976 dnia luty 02 2013 10:36:57
3 Killer Methods To Get A ' Wow You Look Fantastic ' With Smart Casual Wear For Women Discovering the correct casual wear for women for the right occasion can sometimes be a problem for a great number of ladies. Contemporary life places on us a huge diversity of requirements for many things and you need to wear the correct clothes for each particular occasion. Presented here I outline a number of the frequent situations we face and make a few recommended choices with regards to the suitable casual wear for women for each one. Sensible Casual Wear For Women For The Office Linen Knits are perfect smart casual wear for the office. They can be worn over blouses and skirts and as well as with dresses. This adaptable item of clothing comes in chocolate browns,blues and rich plums and berry colours all perfectly appropriate to the workplace. You may in addition desire to try skilled clothes with a unusual twist such as sensible tunics and certain dresses that are not too flamboyant. Another thought for the daily slog of the office is that your attire ought to be made from comfy fabrics to give you easy movement and have excellent degree of resilience. For the more professional setting Long line suits and also tailored trousers with long sleeve tops are usually ideal. Casual Wear For Women For Shopping And Play At the time you are out shopping it's essential to be adorning comfy fabrics to keep you at ease with all the walking around that you may need to perform. Leggings and long line knits are perfect to wear with boots. Comfy light-weight jackets are excellent for driving from your residence to the shops and back yet again. Sandwich home wear range have an excellent choice of soft materials and muted shades suited for these activities. This seasons new designs include harem pants and 3 quarter trousers which have the dual aspect of being trendy and practical at the same time. Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Sneakers Women have superior quality empire waist wedding dresses Casual Wear For Women For Party And Socializing For party wear and holidays classic pieces and gorgeous dresses in classic designs are the best selections. flower girl dresses cheap In these instances it's good to wear luxurious fabrics that provide that extra special feel to an outfit like satins square wedding dresses , silks and linen blends. Clothes embellished with beautiful prints and designs really make your attire stand out from the rest. You may want to try beautiful long sleeved tops or tunics created from delicate materials and vibrant shinning colors. A great deal of these are able to be key pieces for any ladies wardrobe and they can be worn year after year as they never date. Casual wear for women for party and socializing is all about having fun, being flamboyant and feeling fantastic. Casual Wear For Women: Summary Casual wear for women comes in many different varieties depending on the explicit circumstance. Identifying the precise clothing for each one takes talent, brilliant judgment and guidance. I hope the presented above advice will assist you find the finest clothes for you and actually get the most of the enormous range of casual wear for women that's available today.
#6 | wentiont1976 dnia luty 02 2013 10:38:55
#7 | winmk dnia czerwiec 15 2013 05:40:43
self. Prada has developed difficulties easy to the recent female via releasing a number of diversified variations and patterns and also great shade mixtures. Searching for the An individual great for your particular person may well often be due to this under no circumstances difficult. Prada has on top of that verified their objects surface within a decision of distinct dimensions and forms louis men louis men red pumps red pumps , rendering it possible for virtually every individual to produce quite a few generally the key 1 sense that could match her or his will need. Essentially, a girl wishes to make certain which the items the female presents in addition to her every single working day truly really should go together with almost any purse that s very small, stylish and in addition durable. No-one wishes to retain in search of products once the bag delivers enough chambers designed for unique items, memorialize information substantially less difficult for that a single specific getting this. Marketing GoldAs a consequence of the underperformance with the inventory current market, and also the recent substantial price tag of gold, much more traders are searching for a ‘safe haven status'alternative for his or her investments by shopping for gold. Desire between retail traders has become important more than modern many years as hedge resources as well as other traders are already pressured to promote gold and other folks need to obtain. The downside is the fact that should you jewelry and various treasures, then they've absent without end! So, when you want, and also you have private property within the sort of gold, jewelry, artwork or antiques, it would make many feeling to secure a pawn personal loan. Pawn financial loans might be organized speedily, together with the minimal of problem. Afterwards, christian laboutin christian laboutin once you have paid out off your financial loan, you obtain your gold treasures back again, and also the way gold costs happen to be appreciating, it is feasible that the property will probably be really worth far more if you get them back again than they were being whenever you pledged them. Borro, the world's very first on the net pawnbroker christian louboutin outlet christian louboutin outlet , presents financial loans from £100 £100, 000 for one six months (extendable by mutual settlement) at 4% 6% desire every month. Every little thing is finished on-line christian louboutin sales christian louboutin sales , in the home, christian laboutin shoes uk christian laboutin shoes uk in your personal computer, so it is completely discreet, easy and rapidly! Borro is British isles federal government controlled shoes for soles shoes for soles , and all Borro contracts are accepted with the Office environment of Good Investing christian louboutin official christian louboutin official . Regardless of whether you choose to not repay your Borro mortgage, the worst that could transpire is usually that your pledge is bought to pay for from the bank loan, and any funds still
#8 | xiaogongzhu dnia wrzesień 30 2013 08:54:58
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#9 | huahua dnia listopad 25 2013 04:56:42
Within this, design discount burberry scarf sale market must certainly bediscount burberry scarf a key component within placing cheap burberry scarf sale up the required personal preferences; clothes market will complete burberry scarf replica that requirements produced in the design market.
#10 | v3456d dnia kwiecień 07 2014 02:17:02
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ferragamo outlet
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